Privacy Booths for every need

Single and Multi-Seaters + ADA Accessible versions
For Offices, Telehealth, Universities, Podcasting & more!

The Single booth that changed the industry!

  • Spacious inside with great soundproofing
  • Sliding door does not block walkways
  • Most customizable office booth
  • Top quality at an affordable price
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Modern, clean and efficient design!

  • Commercial-grade steel build
  • Folding door for easy access
  • Sit or Stand
  • Fast 3-week delivery and assembly
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Introducing the...

The Multi-Person Meeting Pod for EVERYONE!

  • ADA Accessible Layouts
  • Rearrangeable Seating Options for meetings, multiple workstations, video conferencing. etc.
  • Ergonomic Comfort with Adjustable Desk
  • Custom Branding and Colors
  • Wall and Ceiling Mounts for Microphones, Cameras, Monitors, TVs and more!

The Single booth that changed the industry!

  • Only sliding door on the market
  • Most customizable office booth
  • Great soundproofing
  • Affordable
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customer feedback
"We have been trialing different call-booth vendors. We've determined that TalkBox is the best. Going forward, when we need privacy booths, my recommendation is that we go with TalkBox."
-GM, International ridesharing company

Ready to Boost Productivity?

rise of the Modern Privacy Booth

The Workplace Is Evolving

The nature of work and where we do it has changed dramatically in the past decade. Wave goodbye to the sea of closed doors and cube farms as they fade into obscurity. Most U.S. offices include open floor plans and new technology enables people to collaborate and work from wherever they are. Airports, coffee shops, beaches overseas. In today’s work-life paradigm, the world is your oyster — and also your office. 

Flexible Solutions for a New Generation

COVID-19 has also had a profound impact on workers who now expect and sometimes even require flexible options. Preferences of the new workforce differ from previous generations as work-styles skew toward casual and collaborative, employing technology in inventive ways. But employees, regardless of age, are people with different wants and needs. Meaning there’s no one-size fits all model. Adaptability and flexibility are key to creating a space that enables employee success, regardless of age.

Sound Privacy Matters

Despite widespread adoption of workplaces without walls or boundaries, studies show 50% of open-office users are dissatisfied with sound levels in their workplace. Distractions and frustrations abound.

What To Do About it?

So, where can you go to take important calls or focus intently on a specific task? The conference room is full, the hallway echoes, and your usual slice of curb outside is covered with snow. A 3-minute call turns into a 15-minute quest for the office holy grail — a quiet, private space. Enter the TalkBox Booth, the privacy solution you’ve been looking for. It is more than just a phone booth for the office, it is a sanctuary for long work sessions, important video conferences and more!

Focus Space Yields Results

A study of thirty-eight thousand workers showed the impact of interruptions on productivity in open-plan offices. Survey says: Detrimental.

Without an easy way to say “Please, Do Not Disturb,” employees experience more interruptions in an open plan setting. Stress levels, distractedness, and resentfulness also tend to rise.

A Harmonious Hybrid

Don’t panic! Collaboration and individual privacy can coexist in today's workplaces. Our office privacy pods enable companies to foster creative working communities while boosting overall productivity and employee happiness.

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Customers & Partners

NBC Universal
Alaska Airlines
Notre Dame
University of Colorado
Johnson & Johnson
Penn State
The Motley Fool
Lockheed Martin
Dish Network

What Our Users Think

We are continuously collecting feedback from our customers.
Here is what a few of them have to say.

Zach testimonial


VP of Education

“Certainly one of the biggest challenges of open space is people squatting on conference rooms. We have this massive conference room and frequently there will be just one person in there on the phone… that is definitely a challenge. In a TalkBox people feel less self conscious about the noise they’re making and it’s a more free environment.”

Christine testimonial


Executive Vice President

"The tipping point with the TalkBox was really its ability to allow us to come in with a laptop and a phone and sit down and work for an extended period of time. It wasn’t just pop in and have a five minute phone call and pop out. I have spent two hours on a call in a meeting in the TalkBox and been perfectly comfortable."

Adam testimonial


Facilities Administrator

“Space is premium in a lot of buildings and our TalkBox doesn’t take up a lot of space. When you’re in it there’s a lot more square footage; it’s roomier than I thought it would be. It’s a bit extra large as opposed to an actual telephone booth. And once you’re in it the soundproofing is excellent.”

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TalkBox is the modern standard in privacy phone booths. Adding our pods into your open-office environment seamlessly supports your workers’ right to privacy while driving employee productivity and satisfaction.
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