TalkBox Phone Booth

Finally! Sound Privacy for Open Floor Plan Offices and Noisy Spaces  

The phone booth left when the cell phone emerged.

We brought it back because private conversations still matter.

Cell Phone in Office


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70% of all U.S. offices have converted to open floor plans and the number continues to grow. The number of co-working spaces worldwide doubles each year.  

Office, airport, coffee shop... stand-up, break-out, huddle.... work happens anywhere and everywhere. How we define 'the workplace' has changed dramatically in the past 10 years and will continue to change as a new workforce moves in. Estimates suggest Millennials will be 75% of the workforce by 2025, which will require further evolution in this space. 

Both trends suggest the need for flexible solutions which can be adapted to meet the various needs of a company's employees. This even includes differing needs among those on the same working team.

Office Privacy Solutions


Despite widespread acceptance of workplaces with no walls or boundaries, employees say acoustical privacy still matters. Studies have shown that 50% of open-office users are dissatisfied with levels of sound in their environments and having some level of sound privacy has been scientifically proven to boost job performance.

So where can employees go to take their important calls or focus intently on a specific task? They can take the conference room, step into the hallway or go outside. These options are obviously less than ideal for employees and the team.

Enter the TalkBox Booth. The privacy solution you have been looking for!

Focusing at work


Most people need quiet and focus to be productive. In a survey of thirty-eight thousand workers, a study found that interruptions by colleagues in open-plan offices were detrimental to productivity.  

Other studies found employees are more stressed, distracted and resentful after moving to an open plan because they receive more interruptions than in private offices. 

Today's workplace strategies need to combine the benefits of collaborative and open spaces, with employees' need to work in a quiet environment. Our office privacy pods create a win-win for companies looking to boost overall productivity.

TalkBox is the modern standard in private phone calls. Adding a TalkBox into your open-office environment seamlessly supports your workers’ right to privacy while driving employee productivity and satisfaction.


Selected Customers & Partners




We are continuously collecting feedback from our customers and partners. Here is what a few of them have to say. Check out the video for more.

Zach Nies


“Certainly one of the biggest challenges of open space is people squatting on conference rooms. We have this massive conference room and frequently there will be just one person in there on the phone… that is definitely a challenge. In a TalkBox people feel less self conscious about the noise they’re making and it’s a more free environment.”

Jacob Zax


“The TalkBox was a big improvement… it came in about halfway through the program so we experienced the space before and after it arrived. The ability to step in there and have a private conversation was awesome and it’s incredible how it just becomes a part of the space without obstructing or being obtrusive in any way. It’s really convenient, it’s really effective and it made a big impact on our work.”

Felipe Aramburu


“I’m actually very loud… it is definitely a challenge to be able to have a private conversation… being able to go to the phone booth was actually a really nice way to not have to worry about disturbing others or interrupting other people’s flow because I am so loud. So it was beneficial in that sense. AND it helps you keep [your conversation] private. There are so many people here, we’re talking about 80 or 90 people sometime... having a [private] place that you could go separately was really nice.”