The Multi-Person Meeting Pod for EVERYONE!

TalkBox STUDIO™ is a multi-person meeting booth that has been designed with ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance in mind. With easy sliding door access and rearrangeable seating and height-adjustable desk, this booth can do it all!

Customizable in many ways, the STUDIO features ceiling and wall quick mounts for any equipment including monitors, cameras, microphones, additional lighting and more. Whether you are podcasting, video conferencing or conducting tele-health sessions, the TalkBox Studio is the best choice. Made in the USA!
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Studio Features

ADA compliant layouts

XL Sliding Glass Door For Easy Entry & Exit

Height Adjustable Desk Available

Easily Reconfigurable

Custom Branding, Graphics or Full Wrap (upgrade)

Two Large Skylights

Comfort Control Ventilation

Maximum Interior Space

Sound Privacy + Visual Privacy

Great Sound Privacy

Space-Saving Sliding Glass Door

Dimmable LED Lighting

Reassembly Capable

Many Color Combinations Included

Unlimited Custom Color Options Available (upgrade)

Charging (3-prong & USB)

Exterior Dimensions:
85”w x 82.75”d x 86”h

Interior Dimensions:
83”w x 77”d x 81.5”h

TalkBox Studio Layouts

Here are some of the multi-seater layout options:

ADA compatible layout

Ceiling has been removed above in aerial views to show layouts.

Safety / Sustainability

Air Quality

CARB2 Compliant

TalkBox Booths are compliant with EPA and CARB II standards. The test results for every TalkBox booth showed ZERO traces of formaldehyde. More info.

Fire Ratings

Fire Ratings

Outer Shell: Class-B Fire Rated Acoustic Fabric: Class-A Fire Rated Acoustic Insulation: Class-A Fire Rated
Floor Carpet: Flame retardant polyester fiber


Sustainably Built

All of our woods (wall cores) are certified CARB II or better and our floor carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles. Our commitment is to continually improve in this area.


UL listed

All electrical components are UL Listed. Our lighting is efficient LED and our fan is quiet and efficient.

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