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TalkBox Booth LLC

Please review the below and let us know if you have any questions. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we will work closely with you to meet that goal.

Delivery and returns

We at TalkBox LLC (TalkBox) pride ourselves on making the best products out of the best materials available wand we strive to provide our customers with the best level of service possible. To guarantee your satisfaction we carefully inspect every item we sell before it is shipped. However, we do understand that things can happen during transit. TalkBox wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If your order arrives damaged, please report it to us by email within 48 hours. Please, include in your email some digital photographs of the damaged merchandise. We will be glad to get an insurance claim initiated on your behalf and we will send you a replacement at no cost to you, upon the completion of the claim investigation. Insurance claim processing requires 10 to 21 business days to be completed.

What TalkBox calls “Dock To Dock” Delivery

Delivery to a dock-height receiving area. For this to work, you must have a dock height (48”-52” ground to dock) receiving area that can accommodate a box truck 20-24’ in length. Your team must unload the crate from the truck onto your dock. A pallet jack or forklift is required. Fork extenders are recommended to prevent damage to the booth. The customer will be responsible for waste removal and transporting the booth components from the dock to the desired assembly location. If you do not have a dock height receiving area, Dock to Dock shipments are not possible.

What TalkBox calls “Assembly”

Assembly includes a team of a minimum of 2 people putting together your booths at your building and on your desired floor during normal business hours (9-4pm). This team will use their tools to put the parts of your booth together in a timely fashion. The time spent on site will vary depending on local site conditions and staff availability.

These site-specific requirements will incur additional fees;

  • Deliveries outside of the continental US.
  • Union Labor required for either delivery or assembly.
  • A tight delivery window for dock to dock delivery.
  • Expedited or rush shipments.
  • After hours, weekend, holiday delivery and/or assembly (if required by Customer or Building)
  • Final delivery location requires the parts of the booth to be carried up stairs. Elevators are great but must accommodate the walls which are 48” wide x 96” long. Be sure to triple check Freight Elevator schedules before confirming your delivery date and time (and exemptions)!
  • Abnormally high insurance coverage.
  • Remote locations that are outside of 100 miles from the nearest installer.
  • We have installer partners all over the US. However, we have seen situations were there are towns that only have one installer exerting monopoly power over the market. In these rare situations, the assembly costs can run well above the national average. If this happens for your location, we will let you know and discuss options.

*It is the customer’s responsibility to share these requirements with TalkBox before shipment.

Unforeseen changes in delivery

Sometimes things do not go according to plan, but changes can have consequences. You may incur additional fees if any of the following occur:

  • Return deliveries due to Customer scheduling errors
  • Changes to requested delivery date after receipt of payment and delivery questionnaire.
  • Extended delivery delays due to sporadic communication with building manager or Customer.

Cancellation, restocking, delayed delivery and refunds

Should an order cancellation be required, it is the responsibility of the buyer to communicate the request to TalkBox in written form as soon as possible. Orders which have not yet been processed are eligible for a full refund. Processed orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Completed orders that have yet to be shipped are subject to a 50% restocking fee. Completed orders which for whatever reason the buyer isn’t ready to accept for pick-up or shipment will incur a daily storage fee of 0.85% of the total cost of the order until a long-term storage solution can be arranged. Custom orders (outside of our standard colors, with branding or any other distinguishing marks or features) are non-refundable. Under no circumstances should products be shipped back to TalkBox without pre-approval.

Return Policy

Once you have a TalkBox, we know you are going to love it and want more! If there is an issue that is preventing you from being 100% excited, we will do all that we can to address your concerns with your booth before executing a return.

Still want to return your booth? Let us know within 30 days from the day it showed up on your doorstep. Our return policy is only applicable to your first order with a maximum of two (2) booths. TalkBox, or a representative of TalkBox, has the right to inspect the booths before a return is authorized. The return policy only applies to booths located within the continental US. Altered or modified products cannot be returned. This includes, but is not limited to, custom colors, vinyl wrapping, decals, custom fabrication. To ensure high standards of packaging and handling, all returns must be coordinated through TalkBox and TalkBox's logistics partners.

Refunds will be processed less shipping and repackaging costs for a maximum of two booths. Partial order returns will incur an additional restocking fee of 30% of MSRP.

Warranty & Limited Liability

All TalkBox products come with a 2-year parts warranty whereby a defective part will be replaced with proof of defect and at the discretion of TalkBox. The lighting has a 2-year warranty on manufacturers defects. The warranty will not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear, misuse, after-market modifications, abuse or improper installation. TalkBox will not be held liable for injuries of any kind resulting from the use of any of our products. TalkBox products are not designed to be used outdoors. Such usages will automatically void the warranty. TalkBox will not be liable for any delays or damages due to circumstances or acts beyond its control.


TalkBox is built to be a safe and durable product. Our customers, whether they have a booth on a trial basis, have purchased the booth, or are leasing, assume the risks following for damage or injury to the product or people, as a result of misuse of the product. Additionally, tipping the product dangerously, altering the product in unintended ways, or moving the product without safety precautions or without using professional movers, could lead to damage or injury. If the unit is not equipped with casters, floor or carpet sliding pads can help move the product. Please enjoy your TalkBox safely.

Price and terms of payment

Any price disputes should be made in writing. All prices quoted or acknowledged do not necessarily include any taxes imposed upon the sale or any transportation or insurance charges. All taxes are the responsibility of the Buyer and will customarily be added to the invoice as a separate charge to be paid by the Buyer.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Default payment terms are immediate. Exceptions to these payment terms may be made, upon request and at TalkBox’s discretion, for larger orders. If you believe you qualify, please ask your salesperson for terms.

In the event the Buyer does not pay for any shipment when it becomes due, then the past due amounts are subject to prorated service charges of 1.5% per month or, if lower, the maximum permitted by law. If the services of a collection agency or an attorney are required, the Buyer will be liable for payment of those services as well.

Copyright and Trademark

All contents and representations included on the TalkBox website, including but not limited to text, photos, graphics, logos and images, is the property of TalkBox Booth or its applicable suppliers and is protected by the United States copyright and trademark laws. TalkBox is a registered trademark of TalkBox Booth of Boulder, CO. Any use of the trademark without written consent is prohibited.

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