TeleHealth Booths

Provide a Hub for Telemedicine

Our booths are the perfect solution for remote doctor visits, health consults, therapist sessions and other online medical appointments. There is an increasing need for more public access to telemedicine and we have worked with libraries, medical centers, and other municipal entities to help improve digital access across the country. Our TeleHealth package provides a flexible and complete solution for your needs:


TeleHealth monitor mounts


UVC germicidal light (patent pending)


HEPA air filtration

This is an additional package added to our Slide, Double or Studio booths.

ADA Accessible Telemedicine Booths

With excellent sound and visual privacy, it can be placed in busy, easy-to-access areas like community centers, libraries, and other public spaces.


ADA Compliant  

The Talkbox Studio is ADA accessible

With ADA compliance all of your visitors can access the booth with ease.


Spacious Desk

Built-in Connectivity

Visitors can take appointments at our spacious desk, which also has 3-prong, USB, and Ethernet connections, among other things.



Stay Comfortable

Comfort Control with fully adjustable ventilation.

clean safety package

Stay Safe with our UVC Lighting and HEPA filtration 

Our booths can help in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by providing a safer work environment.