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Thinking inside the box to think outside the box

When in the office most of us can’t say that we are working ALL the time. Or, at the very least, that we’re using 100% of our energy and focus. Of course, there are many reasons for less than optimal productivity so let's look at the worst causes and what can be done about them!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Peggy Shell who is the owner of Creative Alignments, a successful recruiting firm in Boulder Colorado. They have multiple TalkBoxes at their office and during the pandemic, she chose to get one for her home as well. We wanted to see how it was going.

Making even small changes can improve your levels of productivity and can have dramatic effects on business growth. Finding a better workflow can also reduce stress and prevent burnout. Ultimately, the quality of your work can improve while still leaving you time to live a well-rounded life.

According to a recent poll, ONLY 34% of the U.S. workforce feel that they are engaged in their work. Keeping your team motivated is one of the toughest challenges that any leader faces, so we interviewed a few successful business owners to learn how they energize their employees.

Ok, let's talk about it. Open office environments are awesome, except when they are not. The realities of working in them can undermine the same positive effects they were initially intended to improve. So how can we actually create office spaces that promote collaboration and innovation?

Sound privacy issues are definitely not new on college campuses but there are several trends converging that are making the problem worse. Having dedicated quiet spaces is a crucial part of the solution and many universities are taking action to support their students and faculty.

See our new findings about how much distractions and interruptions are costing companies today. We've explored the brain science as well as crunched the hard numbers for a revealing perspective on efficiency in the workplace and what to do about it.

Booths. Pods. What’s the Difference? They are the same thing, right? — Well, sort of... If you don't want to end up hurtling into space you may want to read this. Plus it will help your research on potential privacy solutions.

We now live in an era where our smartphones and devices are second nature to our every day routines. However, our usage and over usage of technology hasn’t quite caught up with longstanding rules of etiquette. Here we dive into this issue and what can be done about it.

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White TalkBox office booth getting some looks

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