Overlapping Conversations in a Modern World



Overlapping Conversations in a Modern World
We now live in an era where our smartphones and devices are second nature to our every day routines. However, our usage and over usage of technology hasn’t quite caught up with longstanding rules of etiquette. Here we dive into this issue and what can be done about it.

In today’s world, modern technology is everywhere – we live it, breathe it, basically 24/7. Our homes are wired-up to the coolest gadgets, with WiFi incorporated so that our thermostat speaks to us; our cars sync with our cell phones for the ultimate “hands-free” phone call; Bluetooth enables us to traverse through our homes, listening to streaming radio music or podcasts without ever missing a beat. But our over saturation of these technological advances and advantages hasn’t quite caught up with society’s rules of etiquette. Experts on what is considered “rude” and “polite” can’t advise us and shape our behavior quickly enough for us to evolve as rapidly as technology is.

Beyond that, more and more professionals work outside of traditional office environments. Whether it’s a busy doctor taking a phone call during an on-call weekend while he’s at the park with his kids, or a working writer typing away on their laptop at the local coffee shop, “public” is now consumed by society as both a functioning professional atmosphere and leisure time away from the standard business locations. And the access to technology, even in crowded spaces like airports and malls, has created a dynamic where all of these conversations are overlapping – often without even a second thought on the part of participants regarding privacy, safety, and especially etiquette.

Overhearing Conversations

When was the last time you overheard someone else’s phone call while in a public space without even trying to? Was it yesterday – or today, perhaps? Employees and consumers alike have become so conditioned to expect this abundance of technology that most of us don’t stop and think about its potent consequences: loss of privacy, diminished productivity, and even our safety when it comes to distractions and hazards.

The modern era deserves cutting-edge solutions. Enter the TalkBox Booth — a sleek, technology-ready, elegant solution to the noise pollution of crowded workspaces and public areas. It facilitates productivity with excellent sound privacy and convenient, modern essentials, such as a built-in desk for a spacious workspace, lighting, and integrated power plugs. TalkBox is easily installed, and can be moved to a new location either by sliding it across the floor, or moving it with a dolly. The ease of mobility also means that you can transport your TalkBox booth to a new office location.

TalkBox is fully customizable, allowing you to incorporate colors that capture the image of your company’s personality or logo or to blend in with the aesthetic of your business’ décor. With whiteboard walls, your video conference calls are taken to the next level with quick access to a visual presentation. It even features a standard seat or a premium ergonomic option, because why stand and do your work when you can relax and take a seat?

And unlike the bygone phone booths of yesteryear, TalkBox is a booth that has your comfort in mind. Built-in ventilation keeps air fresh and circulating, at a maximum rate of 65 cubic feet per minute. And if that’s too strong of a breeze you can adjust the setting down to a light motion to keep your coif perfect.

The sliding door feature contributes to a much smaller footprint and prevents the hazard of a door being left open and disrupting the flow of traffic in your space. And, rather than feeling enclosed in a tiny cage, TalkBox’s large window on the aluminum door allows for tons of light, the illusion of even more workspace, plus an easy way to tell if someone is currently occupying the booth.

booth sliding door

TalkBox is environmentally friendly because we believe in Sustainability – all of our woods are certified CARB II or better, and our floor carpet used to be plastic bottles that consumers previously recycled. The booth is also fire rated with the outer shell a Class-B, the acoustic fabric and insulation Class-A, the and our Floor Carpet is made of flame retardant polyester fiber.

TalkBox blocks the sound created within the booth, making it a fantastic option for increased privacy in a public or busy workspace. We have engineered the acoustics so that sound within the enclosure mimics that of a typical phone conversation or conference call; external sounds are minimized as well, helping to prevent distractions. This significantly boosts overall productivity, and there is a kinesthetic satisfaction gained by stepping into the booth and going through the motion of closing the sliding door, in preparation for professionalism and privacy.

TalkBox is the new standard in modern productivity and privacy. It builds upon the wisdom of the classic phone booth and ushers it into the today’s environments while remaining customizable, transportable, and chic. The constant drone of conversations around us and the overwhelming buzz of technology that surrounds us on any given day has shown signs of contributing to advanced stress in the average American. So why not go with a flexible, sleek solution to this problem, which benefits your employees or consumers and bolsters their happiness and right to privacy?
Check out the TalkBox Booth – sound privacy for the modern era!

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