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The TalkBox Team

John Ruder


Nick Politte

GM & production

Kiersten Lillis

content manager

Ross Shell


Braden O'Brien

Sales & Support

Steve Filmer

Web Marketing

Todd Budin


Matt Bonoma

finance & Legal

Brandt Steinmetz

graphic design

Kyle Hameister


Buddy Blattner


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We come from many different backgrounds ranging from media and technology to geography and public planning. Our common thread is that we are all passionate about creating quality products that incorporate a great aesthetic.  We work and play in Boulder, Colorado and we love to win. Looking for an exciting career with a company in rapid growth?

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The Backstory of TalkBox

We observed and experienced a major problem in today's office environments where the open floor plan was everywhere, but the impact wasn't positive for everyone. In fact, people were regularly complaining and altering their work behavior because of the noise and lack of privacy. This in turn negated the positive aspects of the open office, which was to promote collaboration and a sense of community. 

Our solution was an initial prototype (see picture) which received great reviews from users in the local accelerator and co-working space communities. The feedback and validation from that trial period led us to pursue TalkBox Booth to its fullest potential.

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TalkBox Booth is Made in America!

We believe there are many benefits to "Made in the USA" besides national pride:

Jobs - Product made here contribute to the economy and those workers pay taxes which in turn support our communities. 

Regulations - the U.S. has strong regulations governing the safety of products and the materials going into those products, which many other countries do not have. This also insures the manufacturing process is not harmful to the environment. 

Environment - Products made locally do not need to travel as far to the buyer, thus saving on oil, air pollution and barge pollution.

Human Rights - Workers in the U.S. are protected by stronger safety regulations and worker's rights, which many other manufacturing countries do not have.

Rapid Turnaround - Because TalkBox units don't need to be shipped halfway around the world, your TalkBox order can arrive in as little as 6 weeks (depending on degree of customization). This makes TalkBox the undisputed leaders in turnaround.Where in the USA you ask? In beautiful Colorado, of course. Come check us out!

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Give Back Program

We are giving back

If you love our product and you work with an organization with a dedicated social mission, we want to support you and your mission. We occasionally have lightly-used (leased) units that are looking for a good home. If you or your organization would be interested in these units, please fill out the form below to be added to the wait list.

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