Who we are

Owner Operated

We’re an owner operated company comprised of an eclectic group of professionals. Our experience ranges from engineering and technology to geography to public planning.

Our common thread?
We’re all passionate about creating superior quality products that solve real world problems and look good doing it. We work and play in Boulder, Colorado and love sharing wins with our customers and partners.

About us

Designed & Engineered in Boulder Colorado

We don't just sell privacy booths, we provide solutions for people. To accomplish this we need the best staff to deliver these solutions. TalkBox is comprised of a bright team of engineers, designers and logistics experts that put people first in every interaction we have.

Launched by Red Idea Partners in Boulder Colorado in 2015, we have always created booths that adhere to strong safety standards using only the best materials and practices.

Health - We believe in creating spaces that protect people's privacy as well as their health. Our patented UVC Germicidal light and HEPA filtration add-ons are designed to add an extra layer of safety for users.

Environment - Our materials and manufacturing processes have been honed to have a minimal impact on the environment. 

We are

Established and Ready for more!

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The TalkBox Origin Story

TalkBox Booth is a Red Idea Partners Launch Works company, which began as a solution to a practical need in Red Idea’s open plan office—where to make a private call. Within their unique collective of companies in shared office space, Red Idea noticed noise and lack of privacy led employees to alter their work behavior. These adjustments negated the positive attributes of the open office—opportunity for collaboration and fostering a sense of community.

Enter the original TalkBox prototype (pictured). The prevalence of open offices and the omnipresence of mobile devices led the team to believe others were experiencing the same tensions of shared space, and they designed the TalkBox Booth with this in mind. The prototype quickly earned positive feedback from users in the local accelerator and coworking communities. That validation led Red Idea to pursue TalkBox Booth to its fullest potential by perfecting the design, putting together an incredible team, and officially launching it as a company in 2015.