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Finding the Solution for Lack of Office Privacy

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Who are we?

The TalkBox Team

We’re an eclectic group of professionals with experience ranging from media and technology to geography to public planning. Our common thread? We’re all passionate about creating superior quality products that solve real world problems and look good doing it. We work and play in Boulder, Colorado and love sharing wins with our customers and partners.

John Ruder


Nick Politte

GM & production

Kiersten Lillis

content manager

Ross Shell


Braden O'Brien

Sales & Support

Steve Filmer

Web Marketing

Todd Budin


Matt Bonoma

finance & Legal

Brandt Steinmetz

graphic design

Kyle Hameister


Buddy Blattner


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The TalkBox Origin Story

TalkBox Booth is a Red Idea Partners Launch Works company, which began as a solution to a practical need in Red Idea’s open plan office—where to make a private call. Within their unique collective of companies in shared office space, Red Idea noticed noise and lack of privacy led employees to alter their work behavior. These adjustments negated the positive attributes of the open office—opportunity for collaboration and fostering a sense of community.

Enter the original TalkBox prototype (pictured). The prevalence of open offices and the omnipresence of mobile devices led the team to believe others were experiencing the same tensions of shared space, and they designed the TalkBox Booth with this in mind. The prototype quickly earned positive feedback from users in the local accelerator and coworking communities. That validation led Red Idea to pursue TalkBox Booth to its fullest potential by perfecting the design, putting together an incredible team, and officially launching it as a company in 2016.

Latest TalkBox Models
Designed & Built in

Boulder Colorado

We don't just sell privacy booths, we provide solutions for people. To accomplish this we need the best staff to deliver these solutions. TalkBox is comprised of a bright team of engineers, designers and logistics experts that put people first in every interaction we have.

Launched by Red Idea Partners in Boulder Colorado in 2016, we have always created booths that adhere to strong safety standards using only the best materials and practices.

Health - We believe in creating spaces that protect people's privacy as well as their health. Our patent pending UVC Germicidal light and HEPA filtration add-ons are designed to add an extra layer of safety for users.

Environment - Our materials and manufacturing processes have been honed to have a minimal impact on the environment. 

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Give Back Program

We are giving back

Does your organization have a social mission? Are you interested in a TalkBox? We want to work with you!

Victory isn’t sweet if you celebrate alone, so we sought a worthy cause to share in our success. Non-profit entrepreneurship program Venture for America was the perfect choice. VFA’s supporters, advisors, and leaders believe “entrepreneurship changes lives, strengthens communities and makes those who take the leap better versions of themselves.” We happen to agree, so we donated one percent TalkBox equity to support VFA’s mission to train and support entrepreneurs in their pursuit of game-changing ideas.

Occasionally we have lightly-used (leased) units that are looking for a good home. If your non-profit or NGO is interested in a gently-used TalkBox, please fill out the form for more information.

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Thinking inside the Box

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When in the office most of us can’t say that we are working ALL the time. Or, at the very least, that we’re using 100% of our energy and focus. Of course, there are many reasons for less than optimal productivity so let's look at the worst causes and what can be done about them!


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Peggy Shell who is the owner of Creative Alignments, a successful recruiting firm in Boulder Colorado. They have multiple TalkBoxes at their office and during the pandemic, she chose to get one for her home as well. We wanted to see how it was going.


Making even small changes can improve your levels of productivity and can have dramatic effects on business growth. Finding a better workflow can also reduce stress and prevent burnout. Ultimately, the quality of your work can improve while still leaving you time to live a well-rounded life.


TalkBox is Focused on Cleanliness and Safety

We have always been committed to providing clean, safe and productive work environments for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In light of COVID-19, we wanted to increase our focus on cleanliness and sanitation in the quickest and most responsible way possible.

See the active steps we are taking to keep our customers and installers safe here:
covid-19 Safety measures

Quick Tour of our Flagship TalkBox Custom

Don’t sacrifice comfort and convenience for privacy and quiet. Step inside a TalkBox booth and stay awhile.
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