Eco + Safety Statement

TalkBox Booths are compliant with EPA and CARB II standards for Formaldehyde Emissions.

We Care About Safety, Quality, and the Environment

Here at TalkBox, we care deeply about the quality of our products, the safety of our customers and the impact we have on our environment. We continually strive to make the highest quality booths available with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We use the products we sell in our office every day, and recommend them to our friends and family as well. Buying a TalkBox makes you part of a thoughtful community that appreciates quality, safety, and the environment we all share.

Made In The USA

In this day and age where so many products are manufactured overseas, TalkBox has chosen to manufacture its SLIDE, DOUBLE and STUDIO booths right here in the USA using high quality materials, made at manufacturing plants in the USA. Manufacturing in the USA means we know where our materials come from, we collaborate closely with those in charge of manufacturing our booths, and we know that our products meet or exceed relevant safety standards so that our customers can be guaranteed the best product available.

Environmentally Conscious & Efficient

Whenever possible, TalkBox sources sustainable and recycled materials that meet our highest quality standards for use in the production of our booths in order to minimize our impact on the environment. For example, our SLIDE, DOUBLE and STUDIO booths are make with 100% recycled wood and 100% recycled plastic bottle carpet. The vast majority of our products are shipped directly to our customers from our manufacturing plants, minimizing the amount of fuel and environmental impact. Additionally, the nature of our product allows businesses to turn small spaces into high-functioning, more flexible work areas allowing our customers to do more with less. Our customers save money through increased efficiencies and create a happier workplace.

Safety Standards

The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to TalkBox. Considering our booths are essentially mini-offices, we test our products using similar tools and standards used to test any office environment (for example, air quality). These are not just "products" to us. TalkBox creates environments that our customers spend quality time working in each day.

Our booths have tested as compliant to TSCA Title VI and CARB II for Formaldehyde Emission Standards for composite wood products. This means that our products are compliant with the legal requirements for products outlined by the EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB; generally considered amongst the strictest standards).

News on Privacy Booth Safety

Some of our prospects and customers have seen the news regarding competitors privacy booths which tested too high in formaldehyde levels. Please note that these booths were NOT our products. Having also seen this news ourselves, we decided to proactively go through third-party, as well as internal testing, on a wide variety of TalkBox booths from each of our manufacturing plants, as well as booths of different ages (brand new to 2 years in use). The results for every TalkBox booth tested showed NO traces of formaldehyde whatsoever. Furthermore, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels were found to be well within the acceptable range for an office. We will continue to test our booths going forward and feel confident that our use of CARB-certified, high quality materials meets or exceeds US regulations and standards.

So to reiterate, TalkBox booths are compliant to TSCA Title VI and CARB II standards for Formaldehyde Emissions for composite wood products.