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Do you have an ADA (American Disabilities Act) accessible booth?

Yes, we have worked hard to engineer a booth that has ADA compliant layouts. This booth is extremely versatile for many applications in addition to being ideal as an ADA accessible booth. See the TalkBox STUDIO here!

How many customization options do you have?

With our many add-ons and color choices, there are hundreds of custom combinations available to you. We also offer exterior wraps for a completely branded experience. With TalkBox, you can always match your brand or personalize your booth to make it unique.

Are TalkBox Booths soundproof?

Our booths are designed to block 95% of all sound. While murmurs may still be heard, someone outside the box will not be able to make out a conversation taking place inside the booth. Conversely, for the user inside the booth, exterior noise is drastically reduced to allow the best conditions to focus. Contact us for details on the sound testing we have conducted. Please note: You should be very skeptical of any solution that claims to be 100% soundproof. Even if a booth is, it feels very unnatural and should be avoided. We have engineered our booths to find the best balance of sound blocking and comfort.

What does it sound like in the booth?

We have engineered the acoustics of the booth to be perfect for a phone conversation or conference call. External sounds are minimized and the acoustic panels inside absorb sound which minimize any echo from your voice. The result is an experience that helps people focus and boosts overall productivity.

How big are your units?

Check out our Models page page for full specs on all our products. 

What is the difference between the TalkBox SLIDE and FOLD models?

Check out our Models page for a detailed comparison of all our products.

How comfortable is a TalkBox booth?

We have engineered our booths with comfort as a priority. Our users have consistently reported that they feel very comfortable thanks to our spacious interior, floor to ceiling window on the sliding door and the skylight.

Will my TalkBox be covered by a warranty?

Yes! Our products come with a 2-year limited warranty on parts. If any part of your booth doesn’t function as expected, we’ll send you a replacement and work with an installation team, if necessary, to fix it.

We currently hold a 100% customer satisfaction rating, so you know you can count on us.


What delivery options do you offer?

White Glove: The delivery team will unload and take apart the crate(s), transport each component to your dedicated assembly location, and remove all waste. We coordinate white glove delivery and installation for you and include this in our quotes so you know your full cost upfront.‍

Dock-to-Dock* Delivery: The delivery team will unload the crate(s) from the truck onto your loading dock, and let you take it from there. You’ll be able to transport the components to your dedicated assembly location, as well as remove waste, at your leisure. *Dock-to-Dock available only for those with a loading dock in their building.

What kind of lead time should I expect?

Lead time depends on which booth you ordered and the degree of customization and production demands. For a lead time estimate please contact us

I’ve placed my order. Now what? 

Congratulations, you’ve ordered a TalkBox!
Next, we will contact you to arrange a delivery date. We’ll send you a questionnaire to capture everything we need to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Since teleportation hasn’t been perfected yet, TalkBox Booths are shipped flat-packed via freight carrier. Want to trace your box’s journey? We provide tracking info upon request.

How should I prepare to receive my TalkBox?

Prior to your scheduled delivery, please prep the space for the arrival of the parts. Don’t worry — it’s easy! All you have to do is clear obstructions (furniture, cords, etc.) and designate a wall or temporary storage space big enough to fit the six phone booth walls (largest piece 47” x 84”) and 15 smaller parts.

When we schedule your delivery, we always allow at least 24 hours between delivery and assembly. This will give the delivery crew enough time for traffic delays or other unforeseeable issues.

The ideal assembly space is 10’ x 10’ or larger, which will make it easy for assemblers to safely maneuver the parts and assemble your booth.

On delivery day, we appreciate a degree of flexibility and responsiveness. When your order arrives at the nearest carrier facility, the carrier will reach out to you directly to schedule a convenient delivery window. Please make sure to be responsive to this call. If delayed delivery results in having to reschedule assembly, additional charges will apply.

Do I have to assemble my booth myself?

For peak performance, we highly recommend allowing our team of expert assemblers, often accompanied by a TalkBox supervisor, to handle assembly for you. However, you can assemble the booth if you would like.

How long does assembly take?

Assembly typically requires up to two hours per booth, assuming the space and the parts are ready. During assembly, your space may experience drill noises and some light hammering.

If you’d rather schedule assembly outside normal business hours or on weekends, we can do that! Additional fees may apply.


Where are the light and fan controls?

The controls are now integrated in the top of the desk. Specifically, you'll see the light on/off switch and the dimmer switches. You'll also find the fan wheel that varies the speed of the fan.

Are TalkBox booths waterproof, and can they be outside?

It doesn’t rain much inside our office so we didn’t waterproof our products. 

We totally get the appeal of having a TalkBox outside and the desire to use it like the pay phone booths of yore. However, we don’t recommend putting booths outdoors.

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