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With the only sliding door in the market, you can avoid blocking hallways and find peace with the TalkBox SLIDE. Eliminate distractions, take control of your productivity & protect your privacy. Roomy, quiet, approachable, cost-effective and made in the USA!

Exterior Dimensions: 47.5” wide x 42.5” deep x 87.25” tall


Dark exterior
4,875 - Sale!
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Light exterior
4,875 - Sale!
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Key Features


Sliding Door

Our sliding door allows for placement in tight spaces, where a swinging door requires more room and can be a safety hazard.



Our full-length glass door and skylights provide good ambient light, supplemented by an additional 2240 lumens LED light panel hidden in the light ring overhead.



Side-by-side heavy duty fans provide whisper-quiet fresh air for those long work sessions. The temperature is kept just right with speed-adjustable air replacement up to a total of 220 cubic feet per minute.

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More features


Sound and Visual Privacy

Other brands put you on display with fish bowl style designs. Protect your overall privacy and productivity with TalkBox. This office pod provides about a 30-decibel noise reduction.


Power and Networking

Includes two USB charging ports and two standard power charging outlets, as well as hardwiring and data capabilities. Your current and future needs are covered with our booths.


Spacious and Comfortable

A soft interior and spacious 36 x 16 inch desk invite you to spread out and stay as long as you like. Our booths are designed for long work sessions.

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