Add-ons and Options
What really separates TalkBox from the rest is our quality and the ability to customize our booths to your needs. Countless hours of engineering and testing have been dedicated to providing the best safety, comfort and style options for our customers. See below:

Safety Add-ons

Germicidal UVC Lighting
patent pending
Ultraviolet Light System that kills COVID-19
Sterilize the air and surfaces of your booth to be free of COVID-19 in just few minutes. Intelligently controlled by a computer, in conjunction with an occupancy sensor, door sensor & wifi switch, our UVC light system add-on (patent pending) allows you to easily clean your booth before or after each use. Learn more here!
$1,199 - UVC Germicidal Light with control unit and switch
Hepa Air filtration
Clean Air and Hands
This add-on helps you keep your booth clean with HEPA Air Filtration and wall mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers. The intake and exhaust HEPA filtration removes 99.7% of all airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Minimize virus spread and help provide a safer work environment!
$299 - HEPA Air Filtration System and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Comfort Add-ons

Monitor & Laptop Mounts
Ergonomic and Spacious
This ergonomic add-on elevates your monitor and laptop off of your desk surface to maximize space for other items such as an external keyboard, mouse, etc. This setup is designed to increase your productivity while also making your workspace more comfortable during all-day work sessions.
$199 - Floating Monitor Mount and Laptop Tray
white glove installation
Turn Key Setup Solution
All inclusive service that delivers, assembles, tests, and even wipes down your booth with sanitizer! Our installers follow CDC guidelines. They also remove all packaging and trash from your site.
Starts at $775 - Contact us for specific pricing or requests

Style Add-ons

Privacy Glass Door
Booth with CU Buffs Logo branded on it
Enhanced Privacy
While our booths already provide good visual privacy, you can upgrade to privacy glass to further enhance your focus space. Natural light will still flow into the booth with the large skylight and the tall privacy glass door.
$800 - Satin Finish Privacy Glass Door
Custom Graphics Wrap
TalkBox with custom wrap
Complete Personalization
Custom branding with our full booth wrap is limited only by your imagination. Removable and replaceable at any point in time! Changing your brand? Changing your office decor? Your booth can easily change with you!
$1299 - Custom Graphic Wrap of Slide Booth

Add-on Package

Tele-health Booths
TeleHealth Add-on Package

This package adds on to our booths with:

  • UVC Germicidal Light system (patent pending) to easily clean your booth.
  • Integrated TeleHealth wall monitor mount
  • HEPA Air Filtration cleans the air removing 99.7% of all airborne particles.
  • Dual Fans for additional ventilation
$2,199 add-on to Slide Booth
$2,999 add-on to Double Booth

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