COVID-19 Safety Statement

Measures we are taking to keep our customers and installers safe

At TalkBox, we continually innovate to meet the productivity and privacy goals of businesses as well as individuals in the office, at home and in public locations.

Following this mission in changing times, we are taking active steps to help ensure the safety of our customers, our people and our products amidst a world where COVID-19 is challenging our every move.

Improving our products in response to this global pandemic is just one example of the many steps we are taking to keep our community safe while returning to a productive lifestyle. As one such improvement, we are proud to introduce the Clean Focus Kit for the Talkbox Booth, which incorporates HEPA filters on the air systems as well as a mountable hand sanitizer dispenser. 

In order to reduce the stress and risk of each of our customers during this uncertain time, we have adjusted the way we conduct our delivery and assembly processes for all destinations to meet current health and safety needs.

Below is a list of the changes we have made:

  • Our shipping facilities have the ability to hold finished, made to order, Talkbox Booths locally in your city until you or your building is available to receive them.
  • All deliveries and assemblies will be scheduled in advance.
  • Our skilled delivery and assembly teams around the country will practice strict social distancing, maintaining a six-foot distance from all customers and occupants during assemblies.
  • We have required that our teams wear personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves, during deliveries and assemblies.
  • We are asking customers to send floor plans or mark out their desired future Talkbox Booth locations ahead of delivery and assembly in order to reduce contact time.
  • After the assembly, Talkbox Booths will be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant, vacuumed, with all packaging materials removed.
  • Final booths will be photographed and shared in real-time with our Operations Manager, who will verify all Talkbox Booths are built to our highest standards.
  • Sign-off on the final product from the customer can also be done remotely.

As offices and public spaces around the country start to re-open, and as individuals find that they need more quiet space while working from home, we want you to know that we will be here for you with products and people you can count on. 

At Talkbox we stand behind our products as we continue to lead the industry in the highest quality acoustic panels, space-efficient doors and the largest desk size on the market. Additionally, we are now proud to incorporate our new HEPA filter Clean Focus Kits to further enhance the safety of our high-quality booths. 

During these times, communication between co-workers, clients and loved ones is paramount; but the necessity for physical distancing is still very important. Amidst such challenges, we believe that Talkbox Booth has the best products to offer you the ability to easily and effectively maintain these vital connections, while upholding high levels of safety.

Provide your employees with peace of mind, a clean space and a proven method for staying present and focused upon returning to work — or offer yourself focused hours of productivity and privacy at home each day. You will minimize distractions and notice the difference in your focus and attention immediately. Plus our safety and comfort add-ons give you the flexibility to make Talkbox Booths the ideal solution for your office or home. 


Andrew Flynn
General Manager
TalkBox LLC

P.S. You can also rest assured knowing that TalkBox Booths are compliant with EPA and CARB II standards for Formaldehyde Emissions.