Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many customization options do you have?

If you take into account all of the standard customizations we offer, there are hundreds of color combinations available to you. If you include all of our custom color capabilities, there are many thousands of possibilites. We can also apply skins to the interior or exterior for a completely branded experience.

+ Is TalkBox sound-proof?

When used correctly, TalkBox Booths are specifically designed to block 95% of all sound inside the Booth. While murmurs may still be heard, someone outside the box will not be able to make out a conversation taking place inside the booth. In our experience, consumers should be skeptical of any solution that claims to be 100% soundproof.

+ What does it sound like in the booth?

We have engineered the acoustics of the booth to be perfect for a phone conversation or conference call. External sounds are minimized and the acoustic panels inside absorb sound which minimize any echo from your voice. The result is an experience that helps people focus and boosts overall productivity.

+ Do you have a TalkBox that fits two people?

Our two-person unit is currently in development. Add your email to the form at the bottom right of this page for updates on a launch date for the two-person unit.

+ Will I get claustrophobic in the TalkBox?

We have found that most users feel very comfortable in the TalkBox thanks to our floor to ceiling window on the sliding door.

+ Where are the light and fan controls?

Look under the desk and you'll see the light on/off switch and the dimmer switches. You'll also find the fan wheel that varies the speed of the fan.