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Dogs barking, doorbells ringing, children tugging at your leg... There's no shortage of distractions these days and working from home can be tough!

We understand as we're in the same boat. We've also realized that the same great solution to workplace distractions can be utilized in your home by using TalkBox as a:

Home Office in a Box!



Lets face it, people need privacy, comfort and space to effectively focus on work.  A dedicated TalkBox is your own little sanctuary isolated from the rest of your home.

Increased productivity

Providing a dedicated and quiet place to work has proven to drastically increase productivity and give you back your valuable free time.  It’s been estimated that 30% of remote employee's time is lost due to at-home distractions, and that costs A LOT of money.


With the largest interior space and largest desk of any comparable booth in the market, TalkBox is arguably the ONLY booth truly fit for comfortable long-term use.  Our space-saving sliding door allows big benefits in a small footprint that can fit nearly anywhere in your home. See Comfort Comparison here:

Privacy (Audio and Visual)

Our soundproofing allows your conversations to stay private and keeps the outside noise out!  Plus, our unique half-wall design provides ample visual privacy for better focus.

Improved Morale

A TalkBox as a dedicated place to work/focus has a ripple effect that will make your day easier and your work-from-home experience a happier one.


TalkBox’s Clean-Focus package helps minimize the spread of germs and airborne particles through the use of HEPA filters, and hand sanitizer dispensers.

Get your home office Booth!

TalkBox for Home.

TalkBox for Life.

Kids love TalkBoxes. It is like a fort, only way cooler!

A better Home Office, a Homeschooling Classroom, a Reading Nook... Entertainment Cave, Art Studio, Video Conferencing and more!

TalkBox is much more than just a place to work, It's a sanctuary for everyone in your life that needs a place to escape to when things get a little too noisy.

Closer than ever...

In many ways, social distancing has brought us all closer together than ever before. Zoom video calls with distant loved ones, kids home from school, Parents cohabitating office spaces, families spending more quality time together throughout each day. It's safe to say we're closer than ever while still being socially apart for safety reasons.

Challenges bring out the best in us...

As a life-long optimist, I try to find the "good" when times are tough. Despite all these new challenges each of us is faced with these days, there is often some good that can come from the least likely places.

Homeschooling: Sure, it's tough trying to homeschool a child while also working a full-time job... but we try our best and get to see our kids grow in a way we often miss while they're at school.  

Working From Home: Yes, our working situations are sometimes less than ideal... but co-worker communication is ironically at an all-time high, commutes are eliminated completely, we're learning new tools and tricks that will benefit us for years to come, and we make it work.

TalkBox can make this more enjoyable!

TalkBox recognizes all of these hurdles because we're in the same boat experiencing them along with you.  My wife and I are sharing a small home office and competing for airspace while on dueling conference calls, my 5yr old is home from school and participating in online education throughout the day, we're getting more deliveries than normal and my dogs absolutely LOVE barking at the delivery person.

I recently added a TalkBox to home and can honestly say it's a game-changer!!

TalkBox can fit in just about any room - Here it is in our bedroom.

Our Setup inside the booth:
  • Laptop
  • External monitor
  • Calculator and notepad
  • Bluetooth speaker for conference calls
  • Spare laptop and iPad Pro in cabinet charging

Our Daily Uses:

  • Conference Calls: My wife or I jump into the booth whenever we have competing conference calls.
  • Full-Day Use: On Mondays and Tuesdays, my calendar is fully booked with calls. On these days, I post up in the booth all day long.
  • Homeschooling: Several times a day my son uses the booth for online education provided by his teachers. As I type this, he is currently using it for his preschool Spanish class. We used to set him up at our kitchen table at the other end of the house and could hear his classes in session. Now, he's directly on the other side of my office wall and I don't hear a peep from his class sessions.
  • Reading Nook: Whenever my wife gracefully disappears in the evening, I often find her in our TalkBox reading a book.
  • Zoom Social Calls: So far, we've participated in a Zoom birthday party, numerous video chats with friends and family, two Friday happy-hours through my wife's work, and music classes for my son.
  • Entertainment: At the end of a long day as we wind down for the night we definitely do not want to watch Cars 3 for the hundredth time.  Instead, we let my son use the booth to practice his writing, crank children's songs through the Bluetooth speaker in our booth, watch one of his shows etc, while my wife and I indulge in a TV series better suited for our age group.

What I'm trying to say is...

While our worlds have been largely turned upside down, there are ways we can make our lives work with far fewer distractions and stress.

TalkBox is not just for your business... It's for your home, your life, and for the loved ones you share it all with.

Financing Available!

Getting into a TalkBox is now EASIER THAN EVER!  TalkBox has teamed up with TimePayment to offer 100% financing/Lease-to-own options for consumers and businesses!

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