Talkbox Industrial Booth

Exterior Dimensions: 42"L x 47"W x 92"H
Interior Dimensions: 38.5"L x 45"W x 79.5"H

Sound Privacy for Industrial Spaces

Manufacturing facilities and factories can get to over 100 decibels making them inhospitable for conversations. To address these extreme environments we invented a specifically designed noise reduction booth. The TalkBox Industrial Booth has many of the same benefits of our normal booths with more sound proofing.


  • Comfort-driven design for optimal spatial and sound performance.
  • Added Sound-proofing technologies
  • Privacy Pockets to Capture and Block out high and low level sound frequencies
  • Space-Saving Sliding Acrylic Door with Extra Soundproofing
  • Low frequency absorption via Soft Rubber Mat
  • Easy-Glide Adjustable Feet
  • Perfect Lighting with Skylight and Dimmable LEDs
  • Comfort Control Ventilation
  • Built in Charging Station (3-prong & USB)
  • Spacious Desk
  • Video-Ready Option available: Add a computer, video conferencing and landline phone, etc.

Escape the noise!

  • Communicate with your team members
  • Connect your landline & network
  • Relocate your office to the manufacturing floor
  • Avoid long walks to have a conversation
  • Quick access for meetings and data entry
  • Give your ears a break from the noise
  • A place for all your technology on the factory floor

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