The Difference Between a Privacy Pod and Booth


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The Difference Between a Privacy Pod and Booth
Booths. Pods. What’s the Difference? They are the same thing, right? — Well, sort of... If you don't want to end up hurtling into space you may want to read this. Plus it will help your research on potential privacy solutions.

In a culture that is embracing large, open floor plans, the absence of privacy has inhibited the gains in collaboration and communication. Fortunately, innovative companies (like us :) have created privacy booths, or pods, to address this issue. While most people use these terms booth and pod interchangeably, I prefer “booth” over “pod”. To me a pod conveys the image of being blasted out of a failing spaceship and hurtling through space, completely alone and confined. While an escape pod may be what is needed is some environments, I’m not trying to avoid or separate myself from my peers. I simply need a moment by myself to work, make a phone call, or focus. 

Even Superman Preferred Booths

The word booth conveys a more positive and safer place. In fact, booth has its origin in Old Norse, the word buth, comes from búa, or “dwell.” Technically a booth is defined as “an enclosure or compartment for various purposes, such as telephoning, broadcasting” or if you are Superman, a great place to change into your superhero getup with cape and all. Along those lines, we like to think of our TalkBox booths as places where normal citizens can achieve superhuman levels of focus and productivity. They have everything you need; privacy, comfort and all the right technological amenities. However, we should clarify that only Clark Kent is qualified to use a phone booth as a changing room!

Peas in a Pod

In order to be fair, it is necessary to also examine the etymology of the word “pod”. It’s derived from from the fifteenth century term podware, "seed of legumes or grain." Like the saying “two peas in a pod”, it represents the physical nature of holding objects. In the modern era it has been used to describe containers, such as fuel pods, space pods or even as a term to describe shipping containers and laundry detergent packets.

A Matter of Perspective

Privacy pods, then in a sense, are containers that hold people, or keep them from getting out. Perhaps this explains my own preference in using the term booths instead, which is more often used as a description of a temporary shelter.

While the basic function of both is essentially the same, I find privacy booths better conveys being sheltered from the noise and distractions that is found in many open office spaces and public areas. A matter of semantics I agree, but then again, I’m still affected by the space movies Apollo 13, Interstellar and Gravity

My own fears aside, the benefits of privacy booths and pods are to allow individuals a place to work, make phone calls, talk to one another, or simply focus in a controlled setting that reduces the impact of what is happening around you.

Pods generally can be any size, open or enclosed, while booths tend to be a closed system that is specifically made to provide a shield from external elements.

TalkBox offers much more

Unlimited color and customization options

We should mention that TalkBox actually offers much more than a fortress of solitude at work. They are designed to fit into the atmosphere and design of any room with the most amount of customization options in the market. Different exterior and interior colors, personalized logos and graphics as well as many other choices make your TalkBox as unique as you would like. These are not your bland old-fashioned phone booths with a giant metal payphone in them, but rather a roomy peaceful oasis that can be utilized wherever needed. They become an integral part of the open areas and also provide a much needed private space within other areas such as large indoor public spaces, hospitals, and universities.

Architects and Interior Designers Rejoice!

Like your open floor plan design with a side of privacy? Architects and interior designers are now integrating privacy solutions more fluidly with TalkBox. Specifically the small footprint of our booth coupled with its roomy interior provides a tremendously efficient use of space that pods cannot offer. And with TalkBox booth's easy mobility, their design freedom is completely set free. New trends are emerging as interior designers create flexible and even dynamic “focus spaces” that adjust to the needs of users as company size and privacy needs change. The ability to add and/or reconfigure booths in many configurations allows for a modular solution with almost limitless possibilities.

This company needed 11 booths to accommodate their growing team.

Features That Differentiate TalkBox

TalkBox Double helping define the space in this open office layout.

TalkBox goes beyond the basic features of other privacy booths and pods with quality amenities and innovative engineering. Privacy, comfort, and technological requirements are the main components of the clean design. They are spacious with the largest desk on the market, skylights, dimmable LEDs, USB and standard power charging stations, and an adjustable fan for individual temperature control and comfort. These state-of-the-art booths hold one person in the Single and Single Premium and up to three people in the TalkBox Double. Also, there is a privacy glass option to eliminate the feeling that everyone is watching. The exterior can be customized to blend into the room or to stand out for easy identification in public areas. Learn more here.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Open office spaces and large common areas in public venues are here to stay. The advantages of better communication, flexibility, social interaction, cost savings, and team building are benefits that today's companies will not sacrifice. As employee experience and customer needs change, TalkBox booths will continue to offer the answer for privacy, extra meeting spaces, and a needed sanctuary in noisy environments. As we move ahead into the future, we indeed can have the best of both worlds.

And, please call it a TalkBox Booth. Even though TalkBox Pod also has a good ring to it.

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