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The Best Privacy POD

Made in USA

Visual Privacy

Other Brands put you on display with fish bowl style designs. Protect your privacy and productivity with a TalkBox Pod.


This option is ideal for video conferencing, webinars, presentations, tele-health sessions, interviews, remote IT support & much more. Look and sound like a pro in your privacy pod.

Sliding Door

Our sliding door allows for placement in tight spaces, where a swinging door requires more room and can be a safety hazard.

TalkBox Privacy Phone Booth

Custom Colors, 
Graphics & Branding

Match your space with customized branding & graphics. Mix and match colors. Make a statement!

Dry Erase Surfaces

Forget your pen and paper? No problem. We integrated dry erase surfaces (inside and out).

Spacious & Comfortable

A soft interior and spacious desk invite you to spread out and stay as long as you like.

Also included:

Plugs and Wiring


We've thought through current and future needs. Includes USB + Standard Power charging station, with hardwiring and data capabilities.


Chair Options

Choose from the chair solutions we offer, or go with your own. Come talk to us about this as we always have new options available.



Comfort is an important part of productivity. The fan is ultra quiet and adjustable, so you can get the temperature just right in your pod.



Nothing beats natural light. Our full-length glass door and skylight enhance comfort. Dimmable LED light included.

Comfort comparison:

Talkbox has a sliding door, the largest desk and interior
Other booths hinged doors require more space and have less interior work space.

Get your Talkbox Pod!