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The TalkBox is allowing companies to decrease stress levels and increase productivity in their office environments. 

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We've thought of everything the modern worker needs. Hardwires for phone or data can also be easily run into the TalkBox too.

Easily installed & moved

Installation takes a few hours and does not cause major office disruption like you have with a construction project. 

The TalkBox can be moved around the office by simply sliding it on the floor or with a dolly.

Easy disassembly means your investment goes with you to your next office. 


Your work space is unique, so why settle for colors that don't fit your company's space or personality?

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         Hundreds of Color Combinations!

         Hundreds of Color Combinations!

WHITEBOARD walls for taking notes or brainstorming (gloss optionS only)

We love having whiteboards in our working spaces, so we designed the TalkBox with this in mind. 

Ventilation for fresh air & Comfort

Being comfortable is an important part of being productive, which is why we're moving up to 65 Cubic Feet per Minute of air through the TalkBox.  It's adjustable, in case that much air interferes with your hair-do. 


Sliding door for smaller overall footprint

The sliding door allows for TalkBox placement in narrow hallways or other tight spaces, where a swinging door takes more room and can be a safety hazard. 

The large window on the aluminum door brings in tons of light and makes the booth feel much bigger.

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Additional Specifications

Office Phone Booth

Interior Dimensions: 45”W x 38.5”D x 79.5”H

Exterior Dimensions: 47”W x 42”D x 81.75”H

Other Measurements:

  • Desk: 37”W x 18”D, 36.5” off floor
  • Door Opening: 22”W x 75 ½ ”H
  • Top Floor Height: 1 ¾” from finished floor
  • Feet: weight-rated adjustable glides
  • Weight: approximately  350lbs

Office phone booths

Sustainability & Responsibility


We Walk the Talk

We make the conscious decision to design and build all of our products with premium materials, in the United States. 



Outer Shell: Class-B Fire Rated

Acoustic Fabric: Class-A Fire Rated

Acoustic Insulation: Class-A Fire Rated

Floor Carpet: Flame retardant polyester fiber


All of our woods are certified CARB II or better and our floor carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles. Our commitment is to continual improvement in this area.


All electrical components are UL certified. Our lighting is efficient LED and our fan is quiet and efficient.


Read our FAQs here and if you still have unanswered questions contact us to set up a demo.  

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