History of TalkBox Booth

We observed and experienced a major problem in today's office environments where the open floor plan was everywhere, but the impact wasn't positive for everyone.  In fact, people were regularly complaining and altering their work behavior because of the noise and lack of privacy. This in turn negated the positive aspects of the open office, which was to promote collaboration and a sense of community. 

An early prototype of the TalkBox Booth

Our solution was an initial prototype (pictured above) which received great reviews from users in the local accelerator and co-working space communities.  The feedback and validation from that trial period led us to pursue TalkBox Booth to its fullest potential.


The Team

We come from diverse backgrounds ranging from media & technology to geography & public planning. We are passionate about building useful products that look good.  We work and play in Boulder, Colorado. And we love, love, love to win. 

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